A Labor Government will restore every single dollar of the $22 billion the Liberals have cut from schools – down to the last cent

170515 Budget education.pngThree years ago – having promised no cuts to schools, theLiberals ripped away $30 billion. And last week they told the parents and students of Australia tobe grateful they’re now only cutting $22 billion.

In the Labor Party, we believe every child in every school deserves every opportunity for a world-class education.
The 2.5 million students in our great public schools. And the 1.3 million students who go to a Catholic orIndependent schools.
We understand parents who pay their taxes to Canberra have a legitimate expectation that some of that money will be re-invested in their child’s education.
And we understand not every parent who sends their child to a local Catholic parish primary school is wealthy.
When you look at the mess the government has made of its policy – you have to ask: whatever happened to the LiberalParty that supported choice in education?
Of course, there is no genuine choice if our public schools are under-funded and students and teachers go without the resources they need.
I don’t want Australian schools in the middle of the pack. Labor wants Australia to have the best public education system in the world. 
The best.Our kids deserve nothing less. That’s why, tonight I can promise a Labor Government will restore every single dollar of the 22 billion the Liberals have cut from schools- down to the last cent. We’ll deliver better schools, better results and great teachers –properly paid.

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