June 2017 Branch Meeting – Resolutions Report

170508 Branch meeting resolutions report

The following motions were put, discussed and carried at the June 2017 meeting of Bellingen River Labor.


Bellinger River Branch on 15 June 2017 resolved the following:

Bellinger River Branch calls on NBN Co to connect all premises in Bellingen Shire to its network with fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) (or fibre-to-the-curb – FTTC), as per Labor’s 2016 federal election commitment, rather than with fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) where technically and financially feasible, thus ensuring a future proof, high speed and reliable service for all businesses and communities. In particular, the FEC:

  • Supports Labor’s national FTTP/FTTC policy.
  • Rejects the policy of the Liberal and National parties to deliver FTTN.
  • Rejects Luke Hartsuyker’s assertion that some places Cowper can have FTTN now or wait five years for FTTP. (Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun,18 May 2017)
  • Notes Luke Hartsuyker not informing the community that parts of Cowper are getting a second rate FTTN technology (Port Macquarie News, 18 May 2017)
  • Supports the push in Bellingen Shire by business and residents for Bellingen Shire Council to “assist the ratepayers by insisting on an equitable, future proofed and robust delivery for Bellingen and Dorrigo townships. Including the areas of Bellingen and Dorrigo currently relegated to FW, to the FTTC rollout.” (Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun,18 May 2017) and urges other local governments in Cowper to support similar initiatives.
  • Believes any additional costs for FTTP/C should be borne by NBN Co and not local government, communities or individuals.
  • Believes NBN Co should not remove ADSL services and replace them with SkyMuster until consumer products in terms of price and data allowances are the same.
  • Believes NBN Co should not replace fixed line telephone services with SkyMuster until performance issues are resolved to the satisfaction of individual customers.
  • Notes Luke Hartsuyker and his spouse are Telstra shareholders (Register of Members’ Interests, 27 September 2016) when at the same time he should be pressuring Telstra to invest in reliable broadband and mobile services as to meet its service obligations.
  • Believes Mr Hartsuyker’s shareholding of Telstra is a conflict of interest as he stands to benefit personally from (a) reduced investment in fixed line, mobile telecommunications and other services by Telstra and (b) a lack of criticism of the company in the public domain.   
  • Calls on Mr Hartsuyker and his spouse to dispose of their Telstra shares.


  • “FW” = Fixed Wireless

Mentioned above

Other information



In view of recent NSW events, abuse of parliamentary entitlements and corruption allegations at all levels of the political spectrum, the Bellinger River branch of the ALP is greatly concerned that some elected officials, appointed persons and public servants are driven by self-interest and ideology and are acting against public interest.

The voting public would welcome transparency, timely information, a level of reasonable debate previous to the decision making set, in the public in the public interest.

We suggest the formation of a Federal anti-corruption body to be established to review and investigate:-

  • Current parliamentary entitlements
  • Interference from vested interests – local or foreign
  • Corruption

The establishment of a Federal ICAC would enable our politicians to regain public trust and ensure a healthy democracy.


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