Public comment urged on plans for marine parks off NSW North Coast – don’t trust the Libs and Nats!


On 21 July 2017, the Turnbull Joyce government released a draft management plan for Australian Marine Parks in the Temperate East Network. The national strategy hasn’t been well received.

Australian Marine Parks (also known as Commonwealth marine reserves) were established in 2012 by Labor to protect our oceans, comprising a network of 42 marine reserves after years of consultation, and consideration of more than 8,000 submissions. The Turnbull government has released five flawed draft plans to manage 44 Australian Marine Parks over the next 10 years that slash the amount of protected marine areas. The Turnbull Government’s proposals go beyond those recommended by a review commissioned by the previous Abbott government expanding areas that allow fishing from 64 percent to 80 percent. The devastating cutbacks proposed for our best-loved marine treasures right around the country, open the door to destructive commercial fishing and to oil and gas giants.

There are specific plans for the NSW North Coast. We’re looking into it and we urge you to do the same. You can see what’s in the draft document here at the Federal Government’s web site. Please send your feedback on draft plans by Wednesday 20 September 2017. We will post our feedback in the coming weeks and please feel free to copy us in on your feedback.



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