You can’t trust The Nationals on Coal Seam Gas or nuclear

ABC News 23 March 2017

The Land, 19 May 2017

Labor CSG policy (SBS-TV)

Labor has proposed a moratorium on CSG across the state.

According to party policy, the freeze won’t be lifted until “the industry is proven to be safe, until we have mapped the aquifers and until we understand the impacts”.

Labor has also pledged to:
• Ban unconventional gas wells or drilling within 2 kilometres of urban or residential areas
• Ban CSG and unconventional gas in the Northern Rivers of NSW, covering seven local government areas
• Impose a 2 kilometre  exclusion zone around all national parks and wetlands

Labor has also vowed to protect gas prices by advocating for a national gas reservation policy and rule out CSG in defined no-go zones, including defined water catchment areas, the Northern Rivers of NSW and key areas such as national parks.

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