News: NSW State by-elections paint ugly picture for NSW North Coast Nationals


NSW State by-elections paint ugly picture for NSW North Coast Nationals

Statement by Andrew Woodward, President, Bellingen River Labor, Sunday, 15 October 2017

“The two rural state by-elections in NSW at the weekend paint an ugly picture for the Nationals on the north coast.

“Certainly, by-elections always swing harder but this was above the norm – 10 per cent in Cootamunda to Labor and nearly 20 per cent in Murray.

“And these results come just days after the latest Newspoll showing support for the federal government in the regions has fallen from 44 to 34 per cent since last year’s election.

“The federal and NSW Nationals are in free-fall. This is an ominous warning to complacent federal and state nationals on the mid-north and Coffs Coast.

“They’re on track to lose two of their three north coast federal seats and the seat of the NSW Roads Minister, Melinda Pavey, has moved from the safe to the marginal column.

“They keep telling us they get the message. They don’t. They will get it full force on their election days.”


Swings against Nationals (TPP)

  • Murray – 19.6% to SFP
  • Cootamundra – 10.1% to Labor

Federal Seats – National Margin

  • Page 2.3%
  • Cowper 4.5%
  • Lyne 11.6%

State Seats – Nations Margin

  • Oxley 11%
  • Coffs Harbour 14%
  • Port Macquarie 19%




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