News Release: @Luke_Hartsuyker out of touch on marriage equality #yes #cowper

BRL News Release.png


Andrew Woodward, Branch President, Bellinger River Labor, 14 November 2017


On Wednesday at 10 am we learn of the fate of the wasteful marriage equality postal survey. Like many, I hope and expect the result will show majority support for the Yes preference.

This survey cost taxpayers $120 million and is expected to simply confirm what we already knew and that is the majority of Australians support marriage equality. And yet at this late stage Luke Hartsuyker is being evasive on how he will vote in the parliament.

While he has been on the record not supporting marriage equality, and I understand that, if the majority of Australians support marriage equality he, like many of his Liberal and National Coalition colleagues, should respect the will of the people and support it when it comes to a vote.

Yet, when asked by the national broadcaster how he would vote assuming a Yes majority, he couldn’t even be bothered responding.

He is embarrassing us on the national stage. Most members of parliament responded. He didn’t. What sort of representative does that?

Luke Hartsuyker couldn’t be bothered to tell us his intentions. He has shown contempt for the electorate. That’s shameful.

We deserve better.


ABC Story:

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