November 2017 Branch Meeting – Resolutions Report

170508 Branch meeting resolutions report


Motion – World Heritage Listing of Bellinger River National Park

This branch:

  1. Calls on Federal and NSW Labor in Government to expedite the inclusion of the Bellinger River National Park into the World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforests, fixing the ‘missing link’ between the New England and Dorrigo National Parks (which are included in the Gondwana Rainforests).
  2. Invites the Federal Shadow Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Tony Burke MHR, and the NSW Shadow Minister for the Environment, the Hon Penny Sharpe MLC, to visit Bellingen and inspect the National Park.
  3. Invites Mr Burke and Ms Sharpe to meet with local stakeholders to discuss further refinements to Labor’s policy to establish the Great Koala National Park.

Statement by Andrew Woodward, Branch President

“It makes sense to get Bellinger River National Park off the tentative list and into the listing. It doesn’t make sense to leave it out. On one side of our park, you have the New England National Park and on the other side you have the Dorrigo National Park and both are in the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Listing.

“Including Bellinger River National Park in the listing sends a powerful signal that that we live in one of the most precious environmental places on earth. The rainforests have the same ecological significance as the Galapagos Islands. We need to do what we can to give it the best protection we can.

“A listing is not only good for conservation, it will be great for tourism and other businesses as visitors come to experience the unique nature of the area , using places in the shire as the base.

“Labor put the park on the tentative list but is hasn’t budged with the changes of government in Sydney and Canberra earlier this decade. Labor is committed to getting things off the sticky notes and into the listing.

Statement by Dr Oisín Sweeney, Senior Ecologist, NSW National Parks Association

“It’s great to see someone take the initiative in progressing World Heritage listing. The biodiversity values of northern NSW are enormous, and World Heritage is the ultimate recognition of this value”.

“Australia is incredibly lucky to have many natural areas of global significance that qualify for World Heritage. We’d urge the federal Government not to stop at Bellinger River, but to progress all of the areas that have been proposed but not finalised”.

“NSW Labor leader Luke Foley took a very ambitious World Heritage proposal to the last election which NPA fully supported. We’d love to see the federal Government once again get serious about progressing World Heritage – it’s a badge of honour, and a huge tourist attraction to boot”.

Statement by Luke Foley, Leader of the Opposition (17 March 2015)

“Labor will also pursue World Heritage Listing for the Northern rainforests as well as direct the Office of Environment and Heritage to assess the proposal of a Eucalypt World Heritage listing.”


Motion – National Environmental Laws

This branch calls on the Australian Labor Party to safeguard our unique natural heritage and environment on behalf of future Australians by creating new environment laws, and founding an independent, fully resourced, public agency for the environment, within the first term of Government.

This reform builds on Labor’s rich history of environmental protection.

Our current laws are failing to protect our natural assets, and create complexity and uncertainty. We need to update and enhance our environmental management to create opportunity and deal with today’s and future threats such as climate change.

The ALP must commit to working with First Nations people and the wider Australian community on the development and implementation of the Australian Environment Act, which will define matters of national environmental significance and enshrine federal leadership in proactive and systemic protection of our environment.

New independent and well-resourced a institutions will embed principles of democratic accountability and intergenerational justice. These institutions will develop and implement a National Environment Plan and will enforce the law.


Updated: 21 November 2017







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